How we started

R Islwyn Pugh is a long running company that was established in 1933 by Mr Islwyn Pugh himself anda small collection of expert tradesmen and a workshop. He was later joined by his two sons whoeventually took over the running of the business. It was a family business and still is to this day.


R Islwyn Pughs main work at this time was residential/domestic for local houses our office and workshop were small and efficient. In 1983 we upgraded these to suit our growing work load. As a company we expanded from domestic work to listed buildings and churches, with this our work force also grew.


In (DATE) Mr Clive Pugh becomes managing director with his brother Billy being his right hand man and introduces the company to the commercial sector by starting work for the banking sector, with new client Lloyds Bank. R Islwyn Pugh has worked for Lloyds bank for over 40 years.

We became CITB registered and moved the company in the direction of more commercial work. The company became a chartered building company in 1993 and continued to work for Lloyds Bank, Churches and listed buildings with an ever growing work force.

In 2005 the company changed its name to Islwyn Pugh’s Construction Limited and moved to new bigger premises.

In 2005 Mr Neil Williams who had worked for the company since an apprentice carpenter working his way up to become a Contracts Director and moved the company forward getting new clients and moving into the retail/commercial sector by bringing in established names such as Body Shop & ATS Euromaster while still working within the banking sector which also had grown from not only working with Lloyds Bank but also Halifax & Barclays.

In 2014 Islwyn Pugh introduced a new financial director Mrs Helen Trotman who also happens to be Mr Clive Pugh’s daughter showing that the business ethic hasn’t change since 1933 and is still very much family run.

We continue to have a good reliable workforce and team and are continuing to gain new clients in the leisure and public sector such as supermarkets, law courts, Youth hostels HMPO and UBKA along with Santander and Principality banking while still keeping our loyal customers we have worked with for years and hopefully will continue to do so well into the future.